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Let's ensure marketers and marketing are recognised and valued

Without marketing, most businesses would die. However, the irony of marketing is that it has struggled to market itself. Recent research from the Chartered Institute of Marketing found that a third of marketers struggled to explain their role to others. While this is the case, marketing continues to be misunderstood and undervalued.

Let's work together to address this - to ensure marketing is recognised and valued for the professional discipline it is, and organisations invest in marketing and marketers to deliver value for customers and unlock growth for their organisations and the economy.

This new found clarity will inspire and attract new talent to our industry to enjoy one of the most varied and fulfilling careers you will ever find.
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The aims of the campaign are:

  • Investment - To encourage businesses to invest in marketing, creating more and better marketing jobs
  • Talent - To attract new talent to our industry
  • Prosperity - To deliver growth and prosperity to the economy

The campaign is led by a bunch of marketers in North East England that feel totally passionate about marketing. But this is bigger than all of us... we need your help too. Our plan is to:

1. Explain marketing today - We'll all work together to co-create and deliver a 'marketing on-a-page' infographic that explains marketing today and the value it delivers

2. Consistently spread the message - We'll work hard to make sure that marketers feel empowered and that businesses have a better understanding of the value of marketing

We have support from industry and the profession, guidance from marketing greats, expertise from the creative sector, research from great academic brains - all of this alongside some partners and supporters with the passion, influence and connections to ensure success.
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This Is Marketing

This Is Marketing is an unincorporated association that has been set up to deliver the 'This is Marketing' campaign to champion marketing for social good.

Charlie Nettle

Founder, This is Marketing

Charlie is the founder and architect of This Is Marketing. Charlie's 11 years working as a strategic marketer for the Chambers of Commerce and six years as Chair of the Chartered Institute of Marketing's (CIM) North East England region have highlighted to him how misunderstood and undervalued marketing is and how important it is that this is addressed.

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