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06 Mar

Guest Author: Kirbie Bestford, Account Executive, Resolution 

Words can be the difference between a powerful campaign and a disaster. Our words are the language we speak and how we communicate to one another, without them the world would be silent. 

How would we know of the products or services out there without words? Words are the voice of your brand; they allow you to decide exactly how the consumer positions your product in the market. 

So, why do the words in a marketing campaign often get overlooked, undervalued and underestimated? Business professionals sometimes forget that no two individuals are the same, so how can you market to both with just one message? The short answer is… apart from mass marketing, you can’t! This is where copywriting comes in. 

If you don’t already know, a copywriter is someone who influences people to take action, they write to inform a business or a company’s target audience by using the right messages. The copy they produce – copy meaning ‘written material’, builds a tone of voice, gains trust from an audience and gives a meaning to your product or service all through the magic of words. 

Us modern day copywriters know the importance of words; we believe copywriting is an integral part of any marketing strategy and should be treated as such.

But what value does copywriting bring to your campaign? 

Eliminating errors 

Copywriters have a keen eye, they’re masters at proof reading, typos and mistakes will not go unnoticed when a copywriter is around. They’ll save you from the disaster of printing thousands of pieces of marketing material only for you to spot a typo after, which is a very costly waste of material and time. 

Increased brand exposure 

Simple words can get your brand noticed; copywriters know this. Whether it be writing to increase search engine optimisation or a headline to grab the attention of the media, through the art of storytelling, copywriters can pick out the best words to get your business recognised. 

More customers across channels   

Copywriters don’t just write articles, they write content for social media, website and email campaigns, persuading the audience to follow a range of calls to action through a multi-channel approach. They ensure all communications have the right messaging across all channels, targeting more customers than with mass messaging. So next time you’re debating whether you need a professional copywriter, remember words are important, they can either make or break your campaign. And give some credit to the wordsmiths when appreciating creative marketing campaigns! 

Marketing copy is just one element of marketing communications and marketing communications is just one element of marketing.  Strong copywriting skills are often undervalued but they are critical to the success of any communications campaign. 

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