The aims of the campaign are:

  • Investment - To encourage businesses to invest in marketing, creating more and better marketing jobs
  • Talent - To attract new talent to our industry
  • Prosperity - To deliver growth and prosperity to the economy

The campaign is led by a bunch of marketers in North East England that feel totally passionate about marketing. But this is bigger than all of us... we need your help too. Our plan is to:

1. Explain marketing today - We'll all work together to co-create and deliver a 'marketing on-a-page' infographic that explains marketing today and the value it delivers

2. Consistently spread the message - We'll work hard to make sure that marketers feel empowered and that businesses have a better understanding of the value of marketing

We have support from industry and the profession, guidance from marketing greats, expertise from the creative sector, research from great academic brains - all of this alongside some partners and supporters with the passion, influence and connections to ensure success.
The campaign image